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MOTIgarden Colorants and Pigments for Lawns and Lake contains no hazardous chemicals that would harm the lawn or the lake. it\\\'s a permanant pigment. It makes your turf look lush green and replenishes the natural colour.

Green Lawnger turf / grass paint is the fast, economical way to instantly restore the natural green colur to dormant or discolored turf. Permanent green turf paint

  • Improves aesthetics of damaged, dormant and stressed turf

  • Turf preparation for high profile or media events for Hotels, Resorts, Gold Courses, Sports fields and Marriage Lawns 

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Why to purchase expensive pre-coloured sand when you can easily make your own. Green Lawnger will bestow a lovely & natural green shade to Divot mix thus giving you the desired effects. Just spray green Lawnger over sand while it is being mixed in a mechanical mixer and you'll see that mere 200ml (6 ounces) Green Lawnger blended into only 700ml (I paint) has the potency to colour about 45kg (100 lbs) of sand for divot mix.

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