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About Us

MOTI Group of Industries was established in 1879. It is a 129 years old prominent business house of India. It originated in the state of Uttar Pradesh in a town named Mathura (famous as the birth place of Hindu god Lord Krishna).

The founder Late Lala Raman Lal Goyal sowed the seeds. Who had made vast contributions in the upliftment of the town and was a renowned figure in the society.This is a family group where business is being taken over by heritage and advancement through tradition. It is now run by the third and forth generation.

Over the years as the family grew the group branched out in various fields of activities. Its manufacturing and trading activities includes fields like Electric Equipment, Transformers, Forging, Automobile Parts, Malleable Casting, Ferrous and Non-ferrous Casting, Packaging, Paper Tubes, Fiber Foil Containers, Industrial Gases, T.V & Radio Plastic Cabinets, Real Estate, Agriculture Chemicals, Plantations, Agricultural Sprayer and Plant Protection Products, Sprinklers and Drip Irrigation, Agricultural Machinery. Lawn & Garden Products and Equipments, their spares and parts, Imports, Marketing and Exports.

In the Agriculture sector the interest of the group are bifurcated under three companies.

Motilal Pesticides (India) Private Limited
Kamlesh Overseas Private Limited
Motilal Bio Agri – Tech Limited


The company was setup in 1993 for import and introduction of world’s latest technology in India in the field of Plant/Crop Protection Equipment & Agriculture Machinery, Irrigation, Gardening and Lawn Products. The Agriculture implements and sprayers were initially introduced under Motilal Pesticides in 1984 for world repute Companies at that time like Kubota, Felco and Marunaka.

KAMLESH was the first company in India to introduce and develop the market for good and quality nozzles made from Delrin. The company has worked with many renowned overseas/ international companies for introduction and development of their product in India. Some of these are:

NozzlesInternational Spray-Jets Ltd, U.K
ColorantsBecker Underwood, USA
Knapsack SprayerGoizper S Coop., Spain
Lawn MowersCastel Garden, Italy
Tractor Mounted Sprayers & AccessoriesKorea, Spain & Taiwan
Safety ProductsIndia & China

The Company deals in Lawn and Garden Equipments and Tools, Golf & Sports fields products, Power /Tractor mounted and Manual Sprayers their Parts, Nozzles, Agriculture Machinery and Implements, Irrigation Machinery and Equipment, Drip and Sprinkles, Plantation, Waste Land Development and Safety Equipment.


Set up in 1964 is a one of the pioneer and most reputed Crop Protection Chemicals Company of India, with over 44 years of experience in Agriculture, Horticulture and related fields. Its production facility is situated in Mathura (Uttar Pradesh) 140 Km from Delhi.

Being established in the infancy stages of the Indian Agro Chemical industry the Company has been first to introduce in India and promote products of international repute in collaboration with prominent companies of the world. These products include:

DURSBAN : Chlorpyriphos from DOW Chemicals, U.S.A (Insecticide)

ELSAN : Phenthoate from Nissan Chemical Industries Limited, Japan (Insecticide)

TOPSIN-M : Thiophanate Methyl from Nippon Soda Co, Japan (Fungicides)

Also it was the first Company in India to sponsor and develop the Technology for the Indigenous Manufacture of Technical grade for products like Chlorpyriphos, Phenthoate & Diazinon.

It is equipped with the best and most sophisticated laboratory and plant. The company is having 164 manufacturing registrations from Central Insecticides Board, Faridabad and 50 registrations for import of technical. It is actively involved in import from Japan, China and U.S.A. Currently the Company is manufacturing 25 range of product that includes Fungicides, Insecticides, Herbicides, Synthetic Pyrethroides and Plant Growth Promotes.

MOTILAL products are the best in quality – today Farmers, Dealers and Agriculturist Community as a whole is having all trust and faith for quality on MOTI Brand.

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